80 Days and Heaven’s Vault developers reveal ‘a rhythmic narrative adventure’ A Highland Song • Eurogamer.net

Inkle, the studio behind story-telling delights like 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault, has officially unveiled its next project, A Highland Song, which is coming “soon” to Switch and PC.

If A Highland Song sounds familiar to you, it might be because Inkle hasn’t been particularly tight-lipped about his latest project, sharing some of his early production work on the title via regular updates on his blog. . Today, however, marks its official unveiling, bringing with it an immediately striking and wonderfully evocative reveal trailer.

While storytelling remains central to A Highland Song, it once again marks another genre shift for Inkle. The studio – which has previously dabbled in visual novels, turn-based strategy, exploratory adventure and murder mystery – is now trying its hand at 2.5D platforming in what it calls a ” rhythmic narrative adventure”.

A Highland Song – Trailer.

A Highland Song follows the adventures of Moira McKinnon who, after spending most of her life in a small house on the edge of the Scottish Highlands with her mother, receives a letter from her uncle calling her to the coast.

The ensuing journey takes him to the Highlands, where “every peak has a story to tell and every valley rings with song. Giants sleep, ghosts sing, crows carry messages and eagles raise the dead”. To progress, Moira must scale difficult peaks to orient herself, plan her next move, then leap, slide, and leap through valleys to the beat of the music.

Survey the road ahead in A Highland Song.

Some of the routes Moira encounters would be well traveled, while others would be hidden, but all are filled with “stories, lost things, echoes and memories”. To see all the Highlands have to offer, however, players will need to make the journey more than once, perhaps uncovering its deepest secrets eventually.

A Highland Song features a mix of “hand-drawn animation, impressionistic painted backdrops and dynamic lighting/weather effects”, and will feature music by Laurence Chapman, alongside the stars of the Scottish folk scene Talisk and Fourth Moon.

Moira’s journey will begin when A Highland Song launches “soon” on Steam and Switch.