All Reinforced Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vault Locations

The enhanced Warzone Rebirth Island update has arrived, completely revamping the fan-favorite Resurgence map. There are also new secrets to uncover as part of the enhanced Rebirth event, including the Golden Vaults. Here’s where you can find them and when they’ll open.

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is finally here, bringing major changes to Rebirth Island and Warzone as a whole. Raven Software and Beenox have introduced the Rebirth Reinforced Event to celebrate the map revamp, which is slowly introducing new mechanics and easter eggs.

Along with keycards, Golden Vaults have been spotted around the island. Here’s where you can find these chests and when you can expect them to open.

All Golden Vault locations on Warzone Rebirth Island

  1. Under the shack between Dock and Bioweapons Lab, on the northwest coast of Rebirth Island
  2. Under the Nova 6 factory
  3. On the cliff between Stronghold and Living Quarters

So far, three Golden Vault Doors have been found in Warzone’s Rebirth Island Reinforced. None of these can be opened yet, as the Golden Vault Mystery Easter Egg will unlock later in the season as part of the community challenges in the Rebirth Reinforced event.

Below, we’ll detail exactly where you can find each of the Golden Vaults in Rebirth Island Reinforced. We’ll be sure to add more locations if we find any.

Rebirth Island Golden Vault Location 1

Warzone Rebirth Island 1 safe location

The first Golden Vault is below the area that protrudes from the coast, between the Dock and Bioweapons Lab POIs. Go down to the lower level and you can find the Golden Vault door embedded in the wall.

Rebirth Island Golden Vault location 2

Warzone Rebirth Island Vault location 2

The second Golden Vault in Rebirth Island is below the Nova 6 factory. There are many ways to get to it, so just head underneath and you’ll soon find the door to the Golden Vault in the dark hallways.

Rebirth Island Golden Vault location 3

Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vault location 3

The third and final Golden Vault can be found just outside Rebirth Island’s brand new Stronghold point of interest. You’ll be able to see it on the cliff as you head towards the living quarters and the rest of the map.

When do Warzone’s Golden Vaults open?

The Golden Vault Mystery goes live in Warzone following the arrival of the Blood Money playlist, which is slated for April 7, 2022. After he arrives, players must “collect a total of $40 trillion in Blood Money on Rebirth Island to unlock the Golden Vault Mystery and earn 100,000 XP.”

It all depends on how long it takes players to collect the $40 trillion, but it’s likely that Raven Software calculated it so players can complete it before the Rebirth Boosted Event ends. April 14.

For more Warzone, you can also find out how to sign up for the CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island Open Tournament where you can play against the pros for $100,000.

Image credit: Activision