As Mortal Online 2 Server Difficulties Continue, Star Vault Plans Additional Continental Rollout

We followed the difficult launch of Star Vaults Deadly Online 2 over the past two weeks, and needless to say, things haven’t gone well. Players continually had issues transitioning from Haven to Myrland, and Star Vault struggled to put a fix in place, even after numerous patches, a restore, and multiple server restarts.

Deadly Online 2 effectively smashed its expectations for Steam sales, but despite selling over 110,000 copies on Steam, the Steam player base has yet to reach 10,000 concurrent player counts even based on the chart SteamDB players.

Founder Henrik Nyström took to Discord to outline his next steps, after their previous fixes have yet to materialize any lasting relief for players who continue to have trouble getting into the game. According to Nyström, they were able to nominally increase the stable population cap, but it is nowhere near the intended player cap they had planned for Myrland.

We’ve made several fixes that increased the overall stable population cap from 300 to 600 at once and we’re hitting decent numbers for Myrland, but not enough to support our 10,000 who want to play Myrland now.

– Henrik Nyström, CEO and Founder of Star Vault, Mortal Online 2

The good news is that Nyström plans to get all players into the game, bringing more continents online. By bringing multiple versions of Myrland online, everyone should be able to at least get into the game. The bad news is that you won’t be able to build on these alternate continents, only on the main continent, which is still only home to one fraction of players it was originally intended for. The changes also won’t go into effect for a few days, and it wasn’t exactly clear when players will be able to see the new continents appear. You can read the full statement below:

Deadly Online 2 launched on January 25and which was only a week after Star Vault rolled out new server hardware. The week before launch, players were tasked with testing the new server rollout, but one has to wonder if the final testing phase was enough, now that the game is launched and the main issue is server capacity, queuing issues and connection issues. Hopefully Star Vault can get the situation under control soon.