Borderlands 4’s case for making old Vault Hunters playable again

But Tiny’s Tina Wonderland hasn’t even been released yet, many fans have already started theorizing what Borderlands 4 will be like. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular topics is would-be vault hunters. While some have argued for a playable Tiny Tina or Tales from the Borders‘Fiona, one argument hasn’t been made enough.

Although the next Borderlands game will probably introduce a new team of Vault Hunters with new abilities like in other games, it might not be a bad idea to bring back old Vault Hunters. Although the series has established a trend where previous Vault Hunters become AI-controlled quest givers and allies in certain missions, Borderlands 4 could shake things up by featuring a playable lineup of returning characters.

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Why Old Borderlands Characters Should Be Playable Again


The main argument against playing as a character like Lilith again as opposed to a new mermaid is that players will essentially be using the same skills as in older games. However, this would not necessarily be the case, because Borderlands 3 showed the depth a single Vault Hunter could have through their various skill trees.

Unlike the old Borderlands games where characters were limited to a single action skill, Borderlands 3 launched with a few different action skills for each Vault Hunter. The Designer’s Cut added additional skill trees for each character as well as new action skills, giving players radically different ways to play as the Vault Hunter of their choice. With characters like Zane even being able to use multiple Action Skills at the same time, the last mainline game was a big leap forward when it came to character building.

Some characters from the past Borderlands titles could be a lot of fun to revisit if a similar approach is taken. For example, Lilith’s Phasewalk in the original Borderlands was just a small taste of her powers, with players never getting to fully utilize the Firehawk abilities she’s wielded since then. Should Lilith become playable again, she could have an entire skill tree dedicated to flying around the map and slamming into the ground to create fiery explosions. This could come on top of his old abilities, giving players the best of both worlds.

The same logic extends to other Borderlands characters. Borderlands 3FL4K has made great strides when it comes to AI companions, with pets from The wonders of Tiny Tina further develop the systems. As such, a Vault Hunter like Mordecai could be a lot more fun to play than he was in the original game. Bloodwing was a pretty fun action skill, but the bird was limited in what it could do. Talon, on the other hand, could feature a variety of attacks that are developed with each skill tree.

Even the beloved Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter Zer0 could benefit from more action skills and focused skill trees, with Gearbox potentially leaning towards The wonders of Tiny Tina‘ advanced melee systems to make his sword much more deadly. Combined attacks with a flurry of powerful blows triggered by an action skill, this could be much more than a basic melee weapon. While some may view the repurposed Vault Hunters as lazy, the reality is that Gearbox could do a lot more with its old playable characters. the Borderlands The series has evolved over the years, and that progress could be clearly demonstrated by returning former Vault Hunters to playable roles. With more capabilities, they might feel brand new rather than outdated.

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