Caizcoin will be listed on global stock exchanges

Caizcoin is happy to celebrate its upcoming global exchange listings before February arrives. Soon everyone will be able to access and use a variety of features that Caiz Ecosystem has to offer as they will be listed in multiple global exchanges. Yet, before they do, here’s what they have to say about the world of cryptocurrency and the future of Caizcoin.

Has dedicated all of its functions and operations to providing financial freedom and financial solutions to all while upholding Islamic values ​​and ethics. By enabling fast and cost-effective international money transfer, Caizcoin aims to achieve its vision. Dreamed up in Germany by a group of developers and now Caizcoin is all over the world and will soon be in global exchanges for everyone to experience true freedom in finance.

As an Islamic project, this would be contrary to Caizcoin’s vision of participating in decentralized exchanges. Therefore, unlike others, Caizcoin will not be listed on decentralized exchanges. In order to stay in Islamic values, keeping the promise they made. They will be listed on centralized global exchanges.

Using a private decentralized blockchain system means that Caizcoin will have control over who to share nodes with. They can trace and detect any activity taking place in CaizChain. They are totally dedicated to ensuring the solidarity of Islamic values ​​and ethics and their principles as Caiz Holding AG. Seemed to deliver on their promise to humanity and continue to be the ethical leader in the cryptocurrency world.

Although the total fixed supply of Caiz Token is 999,999,999, due to tokenomics, there will only be 149,999,999 Caiz Token in circulation for 2022. The rest of the tokens will be distributed in phases over the 10 years to come.

Caizcoin has released a roadmap for the first quarter of 2022. For the first quarter, we are going to see 8 versions of the first Islamic-compliant currency. These will include Caiz Chain, an own blockchain system. A care program called Caiz Care, Caiz Wallet, Caiz DeFi and many more are coming to take their place in the Caiz ecosystem. For more details, you can visit and download their whitepaper.

Taking all this into account, Caizcoin has created an entire ecosystem to protect you and your assets. The final step in this protection process is to get listed in centralized exchange listings. The listing phase will be followed by the exit of CaizChain and the activation of Caiz Ecosystem which includes 13 other internal products from CaizWallet to CaizDeFi and many others. Caiz Ecosystem offers you the most secure, transparent and ethical financial solution