Call Of Duty: Warzone Disables Vehicles Due To Golden Vault Issue

Images via Raven software

war zone is, in many ways, an exploiter’s paradise.

the Call of Duty The game suffered from a cheating problem almost from day one, and Raven Software has struggled to fend off hackers for years ever since. The game has made a name for itself as a hacker’s paradise, and it probably won’t be able to put it back until the sequel to Infinity Ward’s game is announced later this year.

And now the game had to remove the vehicles entirely to prevent a huge in-game exploit.

Warzone removes vehicles after huge glitch

The vehicles have been removed from war zone entirely, and the reason is believed to be packing a huge glitch that allows players to access the huge vault without having to try.

“We have temporarily disabled vehicles on Rebirth Island while we investigate an issue,” Raven said on Twitter, never mentioning the actual issue. Mistrustful.

Fans have speculated that this can only be to quell the Golden Vault issue – and for good reason, as it’s quite massive.

What is the Golden Vault Glitch?

The glitch players suspect has completely removed vehicles from Rebirth Island allows players to enter the map’s Golden Vault, filled with huge amounts of high-level loot.

As revealed in a video posted to Twitter, all it takes for players to enter the vault is for one player to get into a vehicle and repeatedly ram into their teammate standing at the vault door. -strong. A few tries in the video see the player enter the building, leaving them able to grab all the good loot without having to work to open the door.

It’s interesting that Raven focused on this issue to such an extent that vehicles were removed entirely, but that’s not exactly new on their part.

Another day, another problem to solve – and eventually, cases like this will overwhelm the team. Here’s hoping that war zone 2 can take over first.