The Bybit Leverage feature allows users to access higher returns by using their funds as collateral With tiered liquidation, users can self-manage risk against excessive losses. Bybit, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges with over 2 million registered members, has announced its new Liquidity Mining. Liquidity pools are collectionsRead More →

Regardless of a gigantic influx of new altcoins, bitcoin has managed to maintain its dominance in the market. For a cryptocurrency to sustain this hype for nearly 11 years in such a competitive space is something to be commended. You can to visit the news spy to analyze bitcoin tradingRead More →

Bitcoin runs on its miners. Bitcoin mining is also the only way for the blockchain to produce new bitcoins, allocating them to miners as they are digitally unearthed. As a result, successful bitcoin miners can run a very profitable business in this era of high-value bitcoins. In this article, ourRead More →

Large cryptocurrency mining pools exist so that people who lack the financial and computer resources to mine competitively can pool their resources and increase their chances of getting a coin. Although it is possible to mine solo, joining a mining pool increases your chances of being rewarded. Whether or notRead More →

China’s internet censorship machine has expanded to include crypto media and mining pools in an ongoing attempt to minimize Chinese users’ exposure to the crypto market ecosystem. Chainnews, a leading Chinese crypto news outlet established since 2017, is now shutting down all content production and distribution channels. Meanwhile, Chinese internetRead More →

Today, Zodiac Guard announced that it was conducting trials with DMG Blockchain Blockseer Petra solution, for routing cryptocurrency transactions to compliant green mining pools. Additionally, there are plans to add risk ratings to the counterparties of crypto transactions. Based in the UK, Zodia Custody was founded by Standard Chartered inRead More →

Here is another way to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency has become a hot investment option and everyone is gearing up to stake popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, XRP, and Litecoin. Although these digital tokens can be purchased on several trading platforms and exchanges, cryptocurrency mining poolsRead More →

Crypto mining is a computationally intensive process that requires high processing power as well as high electricity consumption. The miner who solves the puzzle first places the next block on the blockchain and claims the rewards. However, to stand a chance of earning a block reward requires massive computing power,Read More →

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Bitcoin mining pools are decentralized groups organized and operated by third parties to coordinate the hashing power of miners around the world and then share any resulting bitcoin in proportion to the hashing power contributed to the pool. Why mine Bitcoin in a pool? In a way, bitcoin mining (andRead More →