CloudWave Introduces New OpSus Vault Backup as a Service Offering for Healthcare

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CloudWavethe largest independent provider of healthcare cloud software hosting and managed services, today announced its new OpSus Safe offer. Data is growing exponentially and is more critical than ever to powering healthcare. OpSus Vault is designed to protect a healthcare organization’s valuable data backups from increasingly effective ransomware and malicious insider threats by creating a secure, offline, and immutable storage location.

In the case of ransomware and other threats, a hospital’s existing backups are often infected along with the main production environment. Additionally, there has been an increase in malicious actors targeting backup infrastructure to further disrupt operations. OpSus Vault helps create an immutable backup consisting of a self-contained copy with separate security protocols, locked down to prevent encryption, modifications and deletions.

This immutable storage location keeps the additional protected copy separate from the rest of the data storage and computing environment, especially the domain structure, for an additional layer of assurance. OpSus Vault deploys a secure and isolated cloud storage location that receives a backup set from an additional scheduled backup job. The cloud location then replicates a copy of its content stored in a secure vault located on a separate domain with an immutable storage policy. While this immutability policy is in effect, modification and deletion of data is not permitted, and access is prohibited.

Therefore, if a security incident renders a healthcare organization’s normal backup sets unusable, CloudWave will make available a recent copy of the immutable backup. Therefore, OpSus Vault’s immutable backup can be restored much faster than bypassing corrupted primary and secondary copies.

“Most organizations know how to design a backup system to store multiple copies on different media with at least one remote backup set, but those backups can still be deleted if the proper credentials are compromised,” said Matt Donahue. , CTO of CloudWave. . “By isolating backups to a separate domain and enforcing an immutability policy, OpSus Vault adds additional layers of protection against these types of threats.”

CloudWave helps hospitals design, build, and integrate a custom solution using managed private cloud, public cloud, and cloud edge resources. His OpSus Cloud Services support over 125 EHR, clinical and enterprise applications. OpSus Vault can be purchased as a standalone service or as an add-on to OpSus Backup.

About CloudWave

CloudWave is a cloud and managed service provider that offers a multi-cloud approach, helping healthcare organizations with any electronic health record (EHR) service architect, build and integrate a custom solution to the using managed private cloud, public cloud, and edge cloud resources. As the largest, most experienced and trusted independent software hosting provider in healthcare, CloudWave provides enterprise cloud services to over 200 hospitals and healthcare organizations, supporting more of 125 EHR, clinical and enterprise applications. With decades of experience in disaster recovery and backup, CloudWave can support a wide variety of healthcare IT initiatives that require scalability, reliability, and security.

The company’s OpSus cloud services provide managed hosting, end-to-end disaster recovery, systems management, security, backup and archiving services that are fully supported by operations centers 24-hour network and security staff staffed by certified healthcare IT and security professionals. in the USA. CloudWave also provides a secure, cloud-based enterprise imaging service in partnership with Canon Medical, to help hospitals store, analyze, protect and share medical images. To learn more, visit