Data Vault Holdings Expands Expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data; Appoints C3 AI’s Tony Evans to Advisory Board

NEW YORK, January 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Data Vault Holdings Inc., the emerging leader in metaverse data visualization, assessment and monetization, today announced the appointment of Tony Evans, managing director of financial services for C3 AI (NYSE:AI), to its advisory board, bolstering Data Vault Holding’s expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, fintech, e-commerce and security. A leading business and sales expert, Mr. Evans has developed and implemented customer-focused transformation strategies across industries. From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity to e-commerce, he has managed global sales and partnership development, led global banking teams, driven growth, and developed big data and innovation strategies for clients. . As a member of the advisory board, Mr. Evans will advise Datavault® leadership on automation and scale of their complete cryptographic data solution.

“In my role at C3 AI, I witness daily the power that data assets and tokenomics can play in the foundation of predictive technology that influences decisions and drives disruption in incumbent markets. Data is now both an indicator of business intelligence and a form of capital, and we can use this information to inform business innovation.® expertly combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and crypto-technology to turn data into business growth and marketable revenue. I am honored to provide Datavault leadership with perspective on emerging trends, market impact, and consumer issues in payments, AI, and data,” said Tony EvansChief Financial Officer of C3 AI.

As Managing Director of Financial Services at leading enterprise AI software provider C3 AI, Mr. Evans leads financial services strategy, global sales and partnership development. His expertise supports the delivery of the C3 AI cross-industry enterprise platform ® Suite, which enables enterprises to develop, deploy and operate AI, predictive analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) applications at scale. Mr. Evans’ diverse background in the financial and technology industries positions him ably to advise Data Vault Holdings’ management team as they develop and launch new products, design new revenue models and streamline processes. visualization, evaluation and monetization of data. layering effects through the automation of their new crypto-technologies. In addition, Mr. Evans was Head of Global Banking and Payments and Head of Financial Services (UK) at Amazon Web Services (AWS) (NASDAQ: AMZN); Head of Leonardo and Analytics (UK and Ireland) and SVP & Chief Operating Officer of Financial Services for SAP; and CEO (US) of BlackBerry. He has also held leadership positions at Datawatch Corporation, Oracle, Applied Knowledge LTD, Visusol Consulting and Smith Industries.

Mr. Evans holds an MBA specializing in business growth, change movement and change strategy from the University of Brighton.

In the coming weeks, Data Vault Holdings plans to announce additional members of its advisory board, along with Ed Cushing, Global Account Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), recently announced as its first member. The new advisory board members will further help provide market insights, analytical expertise, and business and data monetization strategies through the use of Datavault’s patented cloud-based SaaS platform.

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