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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 15, 2022–

DeciBio Consulting, a strategy consulting firm focused on precision medicine, has again been named one of the best consulting firms to work for in North America. awarded DeciBio No. 30 on its 2022 edition of its signature list, the Vault Consulting 50. DeciBio also rose to No. 4 on Vault’s 2022 list of Top Boutique Consulting Firms. DeciBio is one of the youngest companies on either list.

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DeciBio ranked #4 on Vault’s 2022 list of Top Boutique Consulting Companies. (Graphic: Business Wire)

In awarding these rankings, Vault cited superlatives such as DeciBio’s career development opportunities and “carry your own path” philosophy, DeciBio’s unique character and culture, and the fact that employees have “only praise to accumulate in addition to other praise on life in their place”. solidify.”

DeciBio also placed in the top 10 in various categories, including Company Culture (#3), Innovation (#3), Supervisor Relations (#3), Customer Interaction (#9), Leadership (#3), Work/Life Balance (#6), Selectivity (#6), Informal Training (#7), Diversity (#8), Satisfaction (#8) and Customer Interaction (#9) .

“These comments reflect our founding resolve to empower our team members to write their own fulfilling stories, while supporting them with a harmonious and fun culture. Our success depends on our leadership team’s ability to let the passions of our people fuel the growth of our business. Thanks to this spirit, our managers now run a venture capital firm, we have revenue-generating software products, and our content expertise is continually expanding in step with technological developments in many of the disruptive precision medicine spaces. said Stephane Budel, DeciBio. Co-founder.

In turn, this culture has led to DeciBio’s main differentiator: thought leadership and content expertise. Senior Project Manager Colin Enderlein noted, “We have built a reputation as trusted advisors in precision medicine that does not just exist behind closed doors, but also extends to SEC filings, global conferences and industry reports. Since the early years at DeciBio, we have encouraged and nurtured thought leadership, which fuels our team’s growing impact in our industry.

“Our firm has always been obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a unique and different consulting firm supported by a harmonious and united culture. External affirmations such as Vault help reinforce our belief in the founding principles of our business, but also inspire us to redouble our efforts to perpetuate and further enrich this culture as we continue to evolve,” said Elle Roberts, Head of operations and human resources.

After surveying verified consulting employees and interns in North America, Vault calculated the Vault Consulting 50 2022 ranking based on the following factors: prestige, company culture, satisfaction, compensation, work/life balance, level challenges, business prospects and promotion policies. To see FirstHand website for results and methodology.

About DeciBio

DeciBio Consulting ( ) is the leading strategy consulting, market intelligence and SaaS firm dedicated to accelerating the adoption and impact of technologies enabling precision medicine.

Based in Los Angeles, California, DeciBio serves a global base of clients and customers, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 healthcare companies. DeciBio offers consulting services for growth planning, market assessment and opportunities, product and portfolio strategy, customer voice feedback, technology assessment and business due diligence.

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