Energy Vault’s gravity-based energy storage system will help produce “green zinc” at Sun Metals – Energy And Mines

Korea Zinc, the holding company of Australian zinc refiner Sun Metals, agreed earlier this month to deploy Swiss company Energy Vault’s long-term gravity-fed energy storage technology at the North Queensland zinc refinery. of Sun.

energy vaultGrid-scale energy storage solutions, inspired by pumped hydroelectric power plants, harness the principles of gravity and kinetic energy to store and distribute energy by lifting and lowering composite bricks or “moving masses” made from recycled and locally sourced materials.

Sun aims to be a pioneer in the production of “green zinc” as part of parent company Korea Zinc’s overall goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2040 with an interim target of 80% renewable energy by 2030.

In 2017, Sun earned the distinction of being Australia’s first major energy consumer to build its own solar farm. The zinc refiner is currently the second largest consumer of electricity in Queensland, Australia, with more than 1 terawatt hour of consumption per year.

In a further push toward sustainability, tailings and other refinery waste at Sun could potentially find an environmentally friendly and useful application in Energy Vault’s composite blocks.

“Energy Vault’s innovative storage technology and energy management software platform can play a key role in enabling and accelerating our decarbonization strategy as we improve our ability to power our operations. with renewable energy,” Yun B. Choi, vice president of Korea Zinc, said in a statement.

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Image source: Energy Vault Photo Gallery