Fiona Tales of Borderlands should be a playable Vault Hunter in Borderlands 4

Tales from the Borders featured several memorable characters, though only a few made their way to the main games. Former Hyperion employees Rhys and Vaughn introduced themselves, with the former becoming the CEO of Atlas and the latter leaning fully into his bandit lifestyle. However, other great characters like Gortys, Loader Bot, and Sasha have yet to make a return.

While the refreshingly cheerful Gortys is absolutely worth returning as an NPC, a Tales from the Borders character that has even more potential is Fiona. Indeed, Fiona could easily become a playable Vault Hunter in the next mainline game. Borderlands game, using all of the crook’s scenario setup. With a reappearance also able to properly explain Tales of the Borderlands‘ cliffhanger ending, Fiona should make her return in Borderlands 4.


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How Fiona could play in Borderlands 4


Much of Fiona’s arc in Tales from the Borders sees her being framed by Athena, the Vault Hunter wielding a shield of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Athena teaches Fiona to fend for herself, upgrading the elemental gun given to her by her father figure and mentor Felix. Fiona also has a knack for vault hunting, and players can set her on a path to continue doing so during her last conversation with Rhys. With a signature weapon and the ability to view scenarios unfolding, Gearbox has all the tools it needs to capitalize on this setup and give Fiona a fun moveset to use.

Although there are many options for playable Vault Hunters in Borderlands 4, Fiona’s hidden gun ensures she has a ton of potential. The weapon alternates between corrosive, shock, and incendiary rounds in the Telltale game, allowing players to choose the type of damage it inflicts. This could be great for some builds, and shots could weaken enemies regardless of what type of element they were hit with, making Fiona even more useful when working with other players. Different elements could be added to the gun, with alternate firing modes added that allow players to use multiple elements at once.

While Fiona’s pistol is a starting point, another action skill could see her slow down time to plan attacks. Time could also briefly slow down whenever she is about to be hit, giving her time to adjust. It would be a good way to capture his “visual thinker” abilities from Tales from the Borders. A third action skill could poke fun at the Telltale games’ dialogue choices, allowing Fiona players to choose dialogue options to convince enemies to switch sides, kill each other, or run away. It could also be entertaining outside of combat, with Fiona getting a few dialogue options in the main and side quests. A nice touch could see certain dialogue choices lead to better loot and more money at the end of the mission.

Finally providing answers to Borderlands Cliffhanger tales


Fiona’s other perk becomes a playable Vault Hunter every time Borderlands 4 is that players can finally get answers about where she and Rhys went after opening the Traveler’s Safe. It seems Rhys was fine, as he reverted to his original plan of mining Atlas. Fiona, on the other hand, was not mentioned once in Borderlands 3. While an audio log can be found which sees Rhys asking Zer0 to find someone, it could be Sasha, as other dialogue makes it seem like the pair are breaking up. He keeps her photo on his desk, indicating that he still cares deeply for Fiona’s sister.

Whether Zer0 was looking for Sasha or Fiona, fans want to know what was in the chest Rhys and Fiona opened at the end of Tales. While it’s clear they teleported away, fans don’t know where they went or what they found. With Rhys not mentioning what happened, and Fiona nowhere in sight, Borderlands 4 should give players some long-awaited answers. If Fiona were to become playable, her various dialogues could explain where the Vault took her and what she has been up to since. Tales from the Borders. With so much story and gameplay potential, Fiona is a character that should not be overlooked.

Tales from the borders is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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