How to Get The Secret Of The Vault Achievement in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Find all Books of Yuhwa and Dalnim to complete this achievement in New Kaineng Town.

Guild Wars 2 end of dragons - new concept art of kaineng city on the left, vault on the right

Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons takes place in Cantha, a southern continent that players haven’t explored since the original Guild Wars game. As a result, there are plenty of new stories and cultures to discover!

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One of the new maps players can explore in Cantha is Kaineng New Town, a vast and beautiful metropolis. The wreck of Old Kaineng still lingers on the outskirts of town, so there’s plenty of history to uncover if you’re willing to delve into the dusty remains and violent Risen.

Where to find every Yuhwa and Dalnim book

Guild Wars 2 end of dragons - the secret to vault success

To unlock the achievement “Read “The Secret of the Vault”” you will need to need to find nine entries in the Book of Yuhwa and Dalnim. We’ve provided several images for each book below to guide you to each entry. They are all underwater in the northeast corner of New Kaineng Town.


Once you have collected all the books, you will have deserved the feat!

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