MainBloq is pleased to announce the trading of sub-accounts for selected exchanges | 2022-02-16 | Press Releases

LAS VEGAS, NV/ACCESSWIRE/February 16, 2022/ Fernhill Corp’s (OTC PINK:FERN) institutional digital asset trading platform MainBloq continues to release widely requested enterprise-grade features. Fresh off of January’s FTX and Coinbase Prime integrations, MainBloq is now launching support for sub-account trading available out of the box.

CEO Ryan Kuiken said, “Sub-accounts are a feature that is sorely lacking across the industry. Many participants come from the traditional institutional side where sub-accounts are not just supported, but This is just not the case in crypto.. Only a handful of exchanges support subaccount functionality, so we really needed to write this functionality into our code base, not just login via an API”

Sub-accounts are used by institutional investors to segregate funds, for different clients, different offices or different strategies, while tapping into a single pool of capital. MainBloq already separates clients by running copies of xSOR in a container specific to that client. Sub-account processing is further separated by running their workload in different processes, which can reside on separate machines, all interconnected with our extremely fast data bus. There is no limit to the number of sub-accounts xSOR can manage.

The sub-accounts separate:

  • Trade
  • Sales
  • Positions
  • Risk

Kuiken continued, “The sub-account functionality provides the ability to integrate seamlessly into our clients’ trading workflows. Hedge funds often have multiple traders, each executing their own strategies within a In the past, these traders shared a single account or used multiple master accounts, resulting in inefficient use of capital and limited risk controls.”

CTO Marc Deveaux commented “The integration of sub account functionality into the MainBloq trading platform provides immediate support for trading platforms that currently support this functionality. For exchanges that do not offer sub -accounts, MainBloq will provide this functionality with selected exchanges added every This will open the door to exciting new tools, including our Global Wallet Rebalancer.

Mainbloq offers its solutions:

  • Hosted in the cloud
  • On dedicated cloud servers
  • As self-hosted Docker containers
  • Connection via FIX, REST or Web Sockets API

Be sure to stay tuned to MainBloq and Fernhill Corp (OTC: FERN) for exciting new updates ahead.

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MainBloq, a Fernhill Company ($FERN), is a digital asset connectivity platform connecting to major exchanges to serve the needs of customers worldwide. MainBloq offers a modular platform including a smart order router, execution algorithm suite, FIX/SOCKETS/REST gateway and advisory services to help banks and hedge funds execute their trading strategies . For more information, please visit

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Fernhill Corp is a developer and acquirer of high-performance proprietary software solutions focused on cryptocurrency mining, digital asset trading and infrastructure applications designed to simplify, optimize and automate the blockchain ecosystem, including including mining, minting, trading and DeFi. Fernhill is a signatory member of the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA).

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