Mortal Online 2 Subscription Fee Delay, Star Vault Test Fix for Launch Day Crashes and Errors

Deadly Online 2 officially launched, and between the request and a few errors, it was a launch marked by some frustration. However, Star Vault released a day one patch fixing some issues and promised to have a new patch tested and go live soon to fix login and crashing issues after warning players not to leave Haven until that the patch has not been applied.

According to a developer update, the fix is ​​currently being tested, so it will be on the way. Due to the problems, Deadly Online 2 will see its subscription fees deferred temporarily. A patch released yesterday resolved some of the issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the client crashed after about 20 minutes in the login queue.
  • Fixed a crash in the HUD when deleting the split stack popup.
  • Fixed a crash when removing additional weapon effects (e.g. torch fire).
  • Fixed a crash related to preloading game content on startup.
  • Fixed a crash in the HUD when updating the list of pets in the stable.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to getting information about another player.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the HUD when unequipping items.
  • Fixed rare crash related to player speed update.
  • Fixed one of the broken Huergar Barbs on lower LOD.
  • Fixed Wisent foot placement when moving.
  • Fixed numerous landscape and terrain issues.

Other issues fixed in yesterday’s patch included character creation issues that resulted in incorrectly proportioned character body types and broken faces due to an encoding error. For this the team will eventually release a fix that will work without rerolling (which they don’t recommend doing at this time0 but shattered faces will continue until this fix is ​​live. They have also done some optimizations for reduce the pressure on the server of overcrowded cities.

In the non-server and crash fixes, they added new wildlife to the world and added zombies roaming near towns that don’t have graveyards.

For more information, see the patch notes here for Deadly Online 2.