Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye – How To Unlock The Sealed Vault | Walkthrough Pt. 4

Solve the final mystery and complete the Outer Wilds DLC. You can also jump straight to this part.

As soon as you enter The Stranger, the massive ringworld space station where you spend the entire Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye DLC, all clues point you to the strange submerged structure in the reservoir. This prison safe is your main objective, and today we are going to tell you how to unlock it. Even if you’re new to this DLC and haven’t found any clues, you can still use this crazy method to unlock the Sealed Vault. What you read below may sound like trouble, but these are all steps you absolutely need to follow. For real.

There are some things we don’t explain in this guide that you will need to know. Be sure to collect an artifact and learn how to access the Otherworld. You can find all the details in the guide linked below (Walkthrough Pt. 2), but the basics are – take an artifact from the Ghost Matter house in the river lowlands, then go to the island tower mural room, remove two lanterns from the mural with a planet with rings and enter the secret room downstairs. If you know how to travel to the Otherworld, you’re good to go for the rest.

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How To Unlock The Sealed Safe | Walkthrough Pt. 5

Go to the Cinder Isles tower wall room with an artifact. Instead of choosing “Doze Off”, stay in the fire and die.

  • You will appear in the Starry cove. Summon the boathouse with the Porthole device (to the left of the village entrance) and summon a boat.

Get on the boat, then go down in the water whereas it is transition between areas — you will fall through the world. You will land in the underground lake. You now have everything you need to remove all three vault locks.

  • Lock #1: After getting your bearings in the underground lake. Move towards the light and turn off the first porthole. Use the raft to cross to the main area.
  • Lock #2: Place your Artifact on the ground. Get out of his sphere and use the locking mechanism.
    • Move the rockers to line up the bridge (only revealed outside of the artifact sphere) and you can reach the first porthole. Turn it off to remove the lock.
  • Lock #3: Just drive through the red sentry lights. You’re dead, so the alarm bell can’t wake you up!

Use the large mechanism at the sealed vault to unlock it and get inside. I won’t spoil what you find. The end is within. Don’t worry if you don’t get any achievements or trophies. Once you exit the vault, you can watch another small slideshow. After that, it’s over! Reset the loop and you can continue the main game.