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Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy, sell or invest in these digital assets and be profitable while this trend is relatively new. Some exchanges also allow you to trade via crypto-to-crypto pairs. If you’ve been thinking about getting into crypto but haven’t, now may not be the time. Or, maybe you tried trading but got frustrated because it got too difficult and confusing. The good news is that sites like this will walk you through the process and explain what each crypto exchange does and how to use them.

If you want to join the digital revolution and be profitable with these crypto exchanges, then this blog is perfect for you. Here you are going to learn more about the top five crypto exchanges where you can buy or sell. So, without further ado, let’s start our blog and unravel the five most popular names in the world.


First on our list is the popular crypto exchange – Coinbase. Not only in our list, this crypto exchange is popular worldwide and used by millions of traders and investors worldwide to buy and sell digital assets. Established in 2012, this crypto exchange immediately becomes popular among newbie investors to trade, buy and sell and be part of these digital assets. However, in 2022, the story is still the same for the coinbase. The platform has also added new features, alternative coins, and cryptocurrency storage. Time tested this crypto exchange over the years, but it is still the first preference of beginners when it comes to entering this world of digital investing.


Next on our list of popular crypto exchanges is Binance. It is one of the most popular and largest exchanges with over 500 digital coins to trade. The presence of these digital exchanges in over 180 countries is another reason why this exchange is so popular. Want to enter the digital world of cryptocurrencies, this exchange is the best for you. You can even start trading from just $1. That’s not enough, the Binance Academy is another reason why this exchange is so popular. This means that if you are new to the world of trading, this platform has everything you need to know about digital trading.

Robin Hood –

If the high commission is what keeps you away from the crypto world, then this one is perfect for you. Robinhood is a commission-free cryptocurrency exchange, so you don’t have to worry about extra commission. An added advantage with this platform is that there is no minimum deposit amount, just start with what you have and you are good to go.

Gemini –

As for the trusted name in the crypto world, it complies with all security and other legal documents. The platform allows traders to buy, sell, and trade digital assets that represent over 50 digital coins globally. An added benefit is that this platform is subject to regular banking audits and cybersecurity checks and is bitcoin a legit investment .


Founded in 2011, crypto exchange Kraken is a popular name in the crypto world. The app has everything from basic functionality to comprehensive security solutions, making it a perfect platform for every new trader. But that does not mean that it is only for beginners and not for crypto investors who are well experienced in the crypto world. Advanced trading tools, trading margins and other features are all set to rule the digital world.

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