Sammy Hagar’s skepticism about releasing Van Halen Vault material

For his part, the former singer of Van Halen and current leader of The Circle, Sammy Hagar, seems against the release of unreleased recordings by Van Halen of his time in the rock group led by Eddie Van Halen.

At least that’s how he fell in an interview with the interpreter of “I Can’t Drive 55” San Diego Union-Tribune earlier this month (February 6).

Shortly after Eddie Van Halen’s death in 2020, his son, Wolfgang Van Halen, also opened up about the possibility of sharing unreleased music featuring his father.

But when the Union-Tribune asked Hagar if there were any unreleased recordings of him with the band that might surface, he replied, “Van Halen didn’t have a lot of finished songs that weren’t released. Maybe there’s stuff we could add background vocals to or I could write new lyrics for.”

Hagar continued, “But I’m wary of doing that. Because Van Halen’s legacy is so great, and, before I joined the band, the legacy is pure greatness: Eddie’s guitar work, the band’s playing, the songs.”

The musician known as ‘Red Rocker’ also added, “Not all that was left was good enough to be on these records. I don’t care what anyone says; out [unreleased music] would do nothing but save someone a little money. But I know Eddie had a ton of jamming stuff he did on tape because that’s how we wrote songs… So maybe. Who knows what they might put together?”

Two years ago, Wolfgang said it would take him “a while” to go through his father’s vault of unreleased recordings, because Ultimate classic rock reported. “I can’t put a timeline on that,” he said then. “Not in the immediate future, we would go through this.”

Wolf, after replacing bassist Michael Anthony in 2006, played alongside his father in Van Halen until Eddie’s death and their disbandment. Wolf released his debut album with Mammoth WVH last year.

Mammoth is currently touring the United States with Dirty Honey. Hagar, ambassador for Los Cabos, Mexico, will lead The Circle on tour this summer.

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