The children of Vault 75 faced grueling problems

Vault 75 is one of the explorable vaults in Fallout 4. Much like any other post-apocalyptic Vault-Tec facility, this one was home to an unethical experiment. In particular, Vault 75 has tried its hand at improving the gene pool.

This specific vault offers its own quest in which the player must find out what happened in this place all those years ago. The “Vault 75” quest triggers immediately when the player begins to explore Malden Middle School. This can be found southwest of the Greentop Nursery settlement.


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Fallout 4: a vault designed to train and educate children

One of the living quarters that can be found in Vault 75

To begin genetic experimentation, Vault-Tec created Vault 75 and advertised it as a haven for children in the post-apocalyptic world. Its placement under the school was to ensure rapid evacuation in the event of falling bombs. To sweeten the deal, Vault-Tec even offered special discounts for families with children under 15. In the event that the child’s family could not afford to reserve a place for everyone, it was possible to enroll only their child in Vault-Tec. program.

Vault 75 was marketed as a place where families and their children could thrive in the aftermath of the Great War. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth as upon entering the vault, only the children would survive the orientation. Children under the age of 17 were to be taken to the vault atrium for a briefing, while anyone over that age was to be taken elsewhere in the facility and executed. This, however, was only the beginning of the brutal experimentation.

Once the adults were taken care of, the children would live under the direction of the overseer. A military-trained individual, the unnamed Vault 75 Overseer, put the children through classes and training that recorded their physical, mental, and social performance. Classes involved educating children on the wasteland above, which the staff called “Uptopland”. It was described as a terrible place filled with monsters and bandits, but with the help of the children of Vault 75, the inhabitants of Uptopland were able to be saved. This suggests that Vault-Tec might have had plans to try to help the wasteland if the outcome of their experiment was favorable, or maybe it was just a lie to motivate the kids.

As for training, the most notable example can be seen in Vault 75’s combat training room. This room features a life-size recreation of a dilapidated restaurant as it would appear in ” Uptopland” as well as a terminal that started the training sequence. The program had children shoot at targets as they appeared, timing them until they shot at the final target. Other relevant facilities include a room with treadmills and another room with what appears to be a scanning device. Both were probably used to identify the physical condition and prowess of children.

These programs continued until the children reached the age of 18. At that time, each of them was judged according to their abilities. Thus begins Vault-Tec’s unethical eugenics program.

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Vault 75 Human Genetics Experiment

The atrium found inside Vault 75

The abilities of each Vault resident were crucial in Vault 75 as Vault-Tec’s intent was to see how the human genome could be enhanced in a controlled environment. Unbeknownst to the children, there was a hidden facility in Vault 75, where Vault-Tec scientists were observing them. These scientists were the ones who decided who among the children was excellent or even superior – physically, mentally and socially. These exceptional subjects would then be taken to the normally off-limits genomics facility, where scientists would then “harvest” their genes.

By “harvesting” genes from children, it implies that the subjects were killed in the process. Once the scientists got what they needed, they would use the collected genetic material to start a new generation of Vault 75 residents. This is implied because one of the end entries mentions IVFs and the existence of a crèche. Scientists then raise a new generation of Vault dwellers and start afresh by conducting the same experiments.

What about the Vault residents who didn’t pass the scientists’ tests? Any child who was not deemed “excellent” or “superior” was killed. The only exception were children who had high intelligence but were not exceptionally strong or social as these subjects were brought into the Vault-Tec research team. If these subjects refused the offer to become a scientist, they too were to be executed.

Residents of Vault 75 Rebel

staircase leading to a vault.

The only time a former Vault resident became a scientist was with a boy named Washington. According to the scientists’ final entries, Washington has shown a penchant for problem solving and critical thinking, along with low physical scores, as well as a psychological profile that says he is highly suggestible. The only problem was his attachment to the young residents of the Vault, especially a girl named Nina.

Washington terminal entries reveal that he is thrilled to be part of the search party. He writes that he feels more mature and that he is happy to still be able to see his friends, even if they do not see him. In a later entry, he writes that one of the scientists lost some papers from her clipboard, and he later saw one of his younger friends find them on his side. Washington made the decision to keep this knowledge to himself.

The child who found the papers was a boy named Rohit. Along with two other children named James and Alma, he had planned to storm the inaccessible area of ​​the facility – where the scientists were. The three of them were going to burst in and subdue the “geeks” while the younger ones slept.

When the player first arrives in Vault 75, the place is overrun with gunners. Although given the lack of more recent terminal entries from the scientists as well as the placement of skeletons in the Vault-Tec uniform, it would appear that Rohit’s plan was ultimately successful, likely with the help of Washington. It is unknown where the children went after the uprising against the search party, but they are undoubtedly long gone by the time the Sole Survivor arrives.

Vault 75’s experiment is undoubtedly one of the most immoral programs Vault-Tec runs. Not only does this involve eugenics, but Vault-Tec staff have also willingly taught their resident children violence and subjected them to experiments without their consent. Worse still was the project’s requirement to kill the children’s parents as well as any child who did not meet the necessary parameters. It’s a chilling reminder that science has its ethical limits, even in The consequences post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout 4 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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