The Starfield Compendium is a vault of information and theories

One particularly industrious Starfield fan created a Starfield compendium of everything he could get his hands on about space gaming. Bethesda’s next game, which will legally become “Starfield” in June, is constantly being watched by fans for new information – to the point that they’re staring at the doors for clues.

The massive 120-page compilation on the space RPG game put together by Gokamo includes trailers, screenshots, concept art, interviews, Reddit Q&As, leaks, and more. The document is reasonably conservative in its approach, making it clear what information was gathered, from where and when it is only speculative versus providing confirmed details.

Individual graphics are broken down in detail and compared to interview details and aspects of Bethesda Games’ previous work in series such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. In particular, Gokamo analyzes interviews with Todd Howard and other Bethesda staff to pick out particular bits that seem important. One such quote given at Develop Brighton 2020, for example, talks about the team “pushing procedural generation further than we have in a very long time”.

The document also breaks down the “Into the Starfield” developer video series, extracting some key quotes and other details. Concept art is meticulously broken down, with minor details picked out and analyzed. If you’re anticipating Starfield yourself but haven’t had a chance to dig into all of the associated media, this massive document might prove to be a pretty handy breakdown of everything you might have missed.

Of course, Starfield’s release date is still somewhat uncertain after Starfield and Redfall were delayed to 2023. However, we’ll have everything you need to know as Summer Game Fest approaches, where we hope to get for see more of the game in action.