The story behind Vault 95

The players of Fallout 4 will likely remember Vault 95 as the place they are to take Cait on her personal quest. There they will have to go through the Gunners to reach the white room, where Cait can undergo special treatment to cure her of her chemical addiction.

However, like all Fallout 4 vaults, this was the site of a twisted experience. Reading the available terminal entries reveals why Vault 95 even had a clean room and what happened to the Vault’s former residents. It’s not pretty.


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The chemical remediation program in Vault 95

Fallout 4 Chest 95

Vault 95 was built to house a total of 72 residents, all of whom suffered from some form of chemical addiction. Vault-Tec had organized a full-fledged chemical rehabilitation program for the future inhabitants of Vault 95, which is why the entry requirements were so specific. At the end of October 2077, the chosen Vault residents entered the facility and their road to healing began.

Although similar to most vaults, Vault 95 had a unique method of choosing its overseer, which required residents to elect one. According to the manifesto in the Overseer’s terminal, it was their job to run the daily meetings and make sure everyone followed the rules specified in the Vault-Tec rehabilitation program. It also clarified that, unlike other vaults, the Overseer did not occupy a position of power but rather a position of support and servitude. Additionally, the residents of the shelter would elect a new overseer each year on October 30.

There isn’t much first-hand information about how shelter residents reacted to their rehabilitation process. However, the program seemed to have been effective as stated by a man named Randall Gutierrez in his final entries. Five years after first entering the vault, he writes that the program and its methods have been successful. Despite some challenges, particularly withdrawals, all of his fellow citizens managed to overcome their addiction to chemistry and cope with their new life in Vault 95. He writes, “Our assumption was correct, while he there is simply no other alternative that an individual can recover. ”

Randall says “our guess” because he’s not really into chemistry. He is a Vault-Tec representative who has been tasked with blending in and observing the progress of his fellow citizens. Later in his senior year, he notes that the absence of chemicals was undoubtedly helpful in the rehabilitation process. This is where things start to go downhill.

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Vault-Tec Agent Randall Gutierrez

Fallout Vault-Tec

In a terminal entry titled “Your Commands”, it is revealed that Randall’s identity and history are false. Vault-Tec ordered him to work with the Overseer to make sure everyone in the vault complies with rehabilitation methods. Finally, after five years, “Randall” must open a hidden compartment within the facility, which is filled with chemicals. He must do this in secret and wait for the other residents of the vault to find the supply of chemicals themselves. Next, “Randall” must document the community’s response to the discovery.

The last known overseer of Vault 95 was a woman named Jane Myers. In her final entry of October 23, 2082 – exactly five years after the inhabitants entered the vault – she listed the most salient points raised during the meeting of the inhabitants. Note that the hiding place had not yet been found as “Randall” intended to discover it that night.

During the meeting, one of the other shelter residents suggested reducing the number of rehab meetings since chemical addiction was no longer an issue. However, “Randall” objected to this notion, stating that Vault-Tec required the inhabitants of Vault 95 to continue the rehabilitation program. Additionally, he mentioned the possibility that they could acquire a new addiction after quitting the program. This last track is a dark foreshadowing of what was to come.

At the end of the meeting, all the residents of the shelter agreed to continue the rehabilitation program, and that night “Randall” snuck out of his room and opened the hidden chemical compartment. It wasn’t long before chaos erupted. A terminal, belonging to a person named J. Scott, recounts what happened after the townspeople found the chems.

Scott’s terminal entries are imbued with their disdain for Vault-Tec. “They knew what they were doing. They weren’t trying to help us,” they wrote. According to entries, the compartment contained a lifelong supply of chemicals, and many “clean” residents snapped at the sight of them. There was also a lot of fighting as Scott writes there was some gunfire, eventually they also crack and take some of the chemicals for themselves.

Perhaps even worse than the anger is the discouragement in Scott’s entries. They express how happy they were to have had the chance to start over and that they felt a family connection with the other inhabitants. “It may have been the end of the world for most, but for us, we lost souls, it was a new beginning,” Scott writes. Then Vault-Tec ended it.

Vault 95 in Fallout 4

By the time Cait and the player arrive at Vault 95, the place has been overrun by Gunners. The ancient vault dwellers are just skeletons lying on the ground. After fighting hordes of Gunner henchmen and their robots, the player must then initiate the cleanroom treatment on Cait. After going through it, Cait will report that everything is much clearer and her old chemistry cravings are gone.

This is worth noting because it means that even the clean room treatment was not enough to ward off the chemical dependency of the residents of Vault 95 – all of whom had been kept “clean” for five years. Many would think that such an advanced procedure would eliminate addiction as well as the desire to use chemicals again. However, that was not the case.

Either way, Vault-Tec’s plan for Vault 95 is another unethical experiment to add to their belt. It’s also one of the most heartbreaking, especially knowing that these people, at one point, treated each other like family. The dropping of the bombs signaled a second chance for the residents of Vault 95, but for Vault-Tec, these people were just another group of test subjects.

Fallout 4 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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