Vault Health is ready to meet national needs for COVID testing capable of detecting Omicron

MIAMI, December 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As positivity rates rise across the country and public health officials raise concerns about the supply of COVID testing, Vault Health stands ready to meet the nation’s COVID testing needs . Vault offers confirmed PCR and Antigen testing to identify positive cases of all known variants, including Omicron.

At the end of last week, Dr Fauci told reporters that not all COVID tests are able to detect Omicron. That same day, public health officials in New York City sounded the alarm after positivity rates doubled in just three days and Nationwide, concerns abound over whether the country has enough COVID tests to meet growing demand forecast January Omicron Wave.

In response to these developments, the CEO of Vault Health Jason Feldman issued the following statement.

“It is truly amazing that we find ourselves in this situation of skyrocketing COVID cases. Vaccines continue to be the first line of defense against this virus and we encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated and get get vaccinated.

“While testing supply is challenged nationwide, at Vault we have an almost unlimited supply to continue testing everyone who needs a test. Our PCR tests are the benchmark for tests and are easily used by people of all ages. These tests are available at no cost to residents of many states; we continue to add more state partnerships to this list. It is more important than ever that the people have access to tests that can detect Omicron and provide accurate, reliable and fast results.

“Our reliable supply goes hand in hand with fast results. Average times to results with our lab partner PRL continue to be under 12 hours. As labs fall behind nationwide, we know that we continue to deliver the majority of test results within 12 hours is a huge plus.”

Vault has provided 10 million COVID tests since the start of the pandemic, with PCR tests capable of detecting the Omicron variant even without additional sequencing. Vault test detected the second known case of Omicron in the United States through its laboratory partnership in Minnesota. And the company’s other lab partner, PRL, detected the first four cases of Omicron in New York City. Additionally, Vault’s testing process allows public health officials to track infection rates, thanks to gene sequencing done through a partnership with the CDC.

Today, nearly one in five states rely on Vault to manage in-home COVID testing for their population. In these states, residents can order PCR tests shipped directly to their home and receive secure test results within 24 hours. New Hampshire and New Jersey are the latest states to launch these statewide programs – see the full list below.

States with home programs using Vault tests:

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Vault Health is a trusted leader in the fight against COVID-19. The telehealth company brought the first FDA-cleared home PCR test to market and has since provided about 10 million COVID-19 tests to consumers, employers, public health agencies and school systems. Vault accelerates better health outcomes through faster diagnosis, innovative clinical research, and digitally-driven care delivery. Vault delivers care to patients on their terms, virtually or physically, leveraging its nationwide network of clinicians and data-driven technology platform to power its offerings, including clinical logistics, clinical research and patient care. clinics. Learn more about

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