Warzone devs disable vehicles on Rebirth Island in response to vault issue

As the Warzone community continues to access the Golden Vaults through an issue, Raven Software has temporarily disabled all vehicles on Rebirth Island.

With the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update, Rebirth has received the biggest overhaul since release. From new points of interest to community challenges, the focus has been on the island.

Part of the rewards for completing these tasks granted players tons of XP, Weapon Exchange Stations, and much more. The current challenge players are facing requires them to collect $40 trillion in Blood Money on Rebirth to access the Golden Vaults.

However, players discovered a glitch that allowed them to get inside these locked locations, and now Raven Software is shutting down vehicles so the exploit can’t be used.

Warzone disables vehicles on Rebirth

On April 11, Raven Software became aware of an issue and made the decision to disable all vehicles on Rebirth while they “investigate an issue”.

Players were quick to point out that this is likely due to a glitch that was discovered allowing people to drop into locked Golden Vaults.

To achieve this feat, you had to stand in front of the door, ask a teammate to find a car, then drive it at full speed and crash into you. This would generate enough force and throw your character into the locked slot.

Although Raven hasn’t confirmed this to be the exact reason, almost every player in the comments is certain this is the cause. Known leaker, TheGhostOfHope was one of many to point this out.

As of this writing, there’s no timeline for when vehicles will be reactivated for Rebirth, but players are excited to see how the game is going without them.