Warzone player finds new loadout and cash in Rebirth Island’s secret vault

Warzone players are always on the hunt for the next hidden treasure in the game – and they’ve struck gold again. A secret safe and money have been found on Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island has grown in popularity among the Warzone playerbase since Season 2 Reloaded began on March 22.

No longer considered lesser compared to Verdansk, Rebirth has received a ton of play and, with it, a ton of attention as players continue to find new exploits and secrets.


The Warzone player finds “Vikhor’s Keycard” and it grants him access.

Loading Warzone Vault Discovered On Rebirth Island

People have taken to the battlefield to appreciate the many changes and updates to the map Raven Software gifted them.

Raven Software’s updates also included weapon balancing, as the Welgun and Hollow Point were nerfed.

However, while many of the changes were publicly acknowledged in the patch notes, some Warzone players were thrilled to find that there were more goodies in store for them.

One player, in particular, has found a secret that might keep their eyes peeled for all that Rebirth Island has to offer.

Warzone player finds secret loadout and cash in Call of Duty Warzone

Stronghold secret vault contains a secret loadout and a ton of money

Warzone player finds secret loadout and cash

The person who found the secret vault loadout is called BobNetworkUKas the Twitter user revealed his location during a video post.

In the clip, he wants to locate “The Stronghold” to find the secret cargo and the money. Entering the match, he falls into the headquarters POI and immediately descends a few steps.

@BobNetworkUK stops in a small room, with a desk covered in an assortment of papers; he grabs a keycard known as “Vikhor’s Keycard” and makes his way out. The Warzone player heads to their destination dodging bullets, taking a few, and being downed (only to be revived by self-reviving).

He reaches The Fortress, located southwest of the Headquarters. Stepping inside, BowbNetworkUK plods forward and bursts inside a closed door. Here he uses Vikhor’s Keycard and accesses a safe. Inside they find a load and approximately $6,500 in cash.

With this secret uncovered, it will be interesting to see what other mysteries, easter eggs, and secrets are uncovered as Season 2 Reloaded progresses.