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We have compiled a list of the top 10 weapons with the highest K/D in Warzone which will reveal which weapons you should use in Season 3.

The kill/death ratio has long been the metric used by Call of Duty players to determine their skill. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s simply how many kills you manage to save before dying yourself.

The WZRanked.com website has tracked the average K/D players when using specific weapons, and from there we can see what the highest K/D weapons are based on kill potential.

We’re counting down the top ten Warzone weapons with the highest K/D ratios in Warzone Season 3 from May 13, 2022.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Highest K/D Weapons

10. Automaton – 1.20 K/D

Best Automaton Warzone loadout

The Automaton is a staple weapon in Vanguard multiplayer and it has claimed a similar role in Warzone Pacific, despite some dips since Season 2. The weapon has maintained its popularity and is the second most popular assault rifle used on this listing.

This easy-to-use AR has been praised for its aiming stability, making it a perfect choice for Caldera players. It might not cause much damage, but a K/D of 1.20 proves you’ll land most of your shots with its forgiving recoil pattern.

9. STG44 – 1.21K/D

stg44 in pacific war zone

Best STG44 Warzone loadout

The STG44 slightly overtakes the Automaton for ninth place. On May 4, Vanguard weapons received a massive damage range buff, making them more effective Warzone weapons.

This has led to an increase in the use of Vanguard ARs, and the STG44 is currently the most popular Warzone weapon with a pick ratio of 13.84%. He has a K/D of 1.21which is the second highest Assault Rifle K/D on this list despite being ninth overall.

8. Battle Shield – 1.23 K/D

Battle Shield Vanguard

This may come as a nasty surprise to most players, but Vanguard’s Battle Shield sneaks into the roster with a 1.23 K/D. Of course, the Combat Shield is a niche choice that only suits a particular playstyle.

Still, such an impressive K/D suggests that Combat Shield’s role of baiting and luring enemies into traps could be valuable in Solos or a team of expert players.

7. Volk – 1.24 K/D – Highest K/D assault rifle in Warzone

Volk in Warzone

Best Volk Warzone Loadout

At this point there is a triple tie from seventh to fifth with a shared K/D of 1.24. We’ve decided to rank the following three weapons from least popular to most popular. The Volk made huge strides to make it onto this list in Season 3 after several buffs.

The Volk is an underrated AR that deserves more credit and its impressive K/D is proof of that. This is a great sniper support weapon or close range assault rifle on Rebirth Island.

6. Type 100 – 1.24 K/D

Vanguard Type 100 SMG

Best 100 Warzone type loadout

At the moment the competition for the best Warzone SMG is fierce, but if the Type 100’s K/D continues to climb 1.24 so expect more players to notice its value.

Most Vanguard weapons have a fast TTK, but the Type 100 takes this trait to the next level as it kills incredibly fast.

5. ZRG 20mm – 1.24 K/D – Highest K/D Sniper Rifle in Warzone

Best Warzone ZRG Loadout

Best Warzone ZRG Loadout

Warzone Pacific Season 3 completely shook up the sniper rifle meta by nerfing the popular Kar98k and Swiss. As a result, players switched to the ZRG as the best sniper in Warzone and it didn’t disappoint with a 1.24 K/D.

4. LAPA – 1.26 K/D

LAPA SMG Warzone

Best LAPA Warzone loadout

The LAPA SMG failed to make waves when it was introduced to Warzone players in Season 6, but the Black Ops Cold War weapon currently dominates the battle royale.

During Season 2, it’s 1.15 K/Ds that barely made him on this list, but we warned you not to be shocked to see his K/Ds increase as more and more players discover its incredible TTK. In Season 3, he can keep up with the best SMGs in the game with a 1.26 K/D.

3. Armaguerra 43 – 1.34 K/D

Armaguerra Warzone SMG

Best Armaguerra 43 Warzone loadout

The Armaguerra starts the trend of Vanguard SMGs dominating the top spots on this list. At the moment, Armaguerra looks like Warzone’s best-kept secret with a 1.34 K/D.

The SMG has incredible strafing speed and fantastic TTK, which allows it to compete with the other two SMGs before it. The Armaguerra arrived in Season 2 and hasn’t been around for a while, so if you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to give the mighty SMG a try.

2. Welgun – 1.39 K/D

Vanguard Welgun SMG

Best Welgun Warzone Loadout

The Welgun excels on both Rebirth Island and Caldera and suits the aggressive SMG style. He ranks second overall in Warzone K/D with 1.39. It’s excellent at medium range, boasts a fast TTK, and packs a serious punch.

What’s great about this weapon is how many different loadouts we’ve seen since the weapon arrived during Warzone Pacific Season 1. This means that no matter what attachments you use, this gun is simply amazing.

1. Owen Gun – 1.44 K/D – Highest K/D weapon in Warzone

Vanguard Owen Gun SMG

Best Owen Gun Warzone Loadout

Vanguard’s Owen Gun blew up the competition with a K/D of 1.44. It certainly deserves the title of highest K/D Warzone weapon, as the Season 3 nerfs failed to hold it back.

The Owen Gun has been the go-to SMG choice for top players and many thought it would take a hit in Season 3 given the nerfs it received, but it didn’t. The Owen Gun is a unique SMG that takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s truly devastating.

This covers the highest Warzone Season 3 K/D guns to use. Also, check out our full tier list and ranking for every Warzone weapon, plus the best Rebirth Island loadouts.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software