‘Warzone’ vehicles disabled as players use them for golden vault issue

Raven Software has temporarily disabled all vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzonemany attributing the loss to a popular issue.

In a Tweeter Yesterday (April 11), Raven Software said it had “temporarily disabled vehicles on Rebirth Island while we investigate an issue”. At this time, the developer hasn’t been clear on what the issue is, but many believe that the removal of vehicles is related to an issue that sees players entering golden chests in the game.

Before the Golden Vaults were widely accessible in war zoneone player figured out how to get stuck between the door of a Golden Vault and another player’s vehicle, with the force of the vehicle pushing them into the Golden Vault itself.

The video below shows a player using the glitch to enter one of the golden chests, and it was done before the golden chests were opened, meaning the player couldn’t exit once he had found a way in.

Several posts on the r/CODWarzone subreddit complain about the removal, with a Publish saying, “So when people exploit a bunker for foresight, they take out all the cars…but when the hackers steal from cars, they don’t do anything…make sense.”

Golden Vaults have been added as part of Reloaded Season 2 of war zonewith a community challenge unlock them for all players yesterday. Players can complete a series of tasks to open these chests, which contain plenty of loot to give them the edge during matches.

At the time of publication, Raven Software did not know when the vehicles would be back, or if the real cause for their removal was actually the Golden Vault issue.

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